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Welcome to Apex Heroes!


Edward Sensei

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Founder Administrator
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So welcome all to Apex Heroes Forums!

I am the founder of Apex Heroes chat-group and forums.
Nice to meet you all!

So I am gonna be answering your questions by a few F.A.Q.s

Q.1.) What are the topics we can chat or discuss about on this forums?

A.1.) You can chat about all Animes, Games, Mangas, Cartoons, Movies, Comics and all general topics! You can also do debates like :
Hulk vs Batman, Luffy vs Krillin, etc.
(Note these were only examples)

Q.2.) How to get promoted?

A.2.) That's simple. Be active, be kind, help people and most of all gain trust and respect!

So these were 2 commonly asked questions. Now moving on, if you have any doubt or question about forums then you can post them here and I'll answer them Smile


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